PliantDb v0.1.0-dev.4 Released: Custom Apis, Unique Views, WebAssembly

PliantDb v0.1.0-dev.4 has been released:

In addition to the notes on GitHub, I wanted to talk a bit about the upcoming projects for PliantDb specifically.

The biggest chunk of work that we are working towards is implementing a basic app platform. This release implements the first parts of it, but we have a lot left to go. @dAxpeDDa has been working on Custodian which has an initial OPAQUE PAKE Protocol implementation (which wraps excellent existing crates). This will be used for our initial password implementation, ensuring that passwords are never sent to the server.

Now that I can implement authentication, I will be moving forward with the app platform soon. While I may still divert myself onto Gooey, it’s all working towards the same goal: Cosmic Verge updated to run on PliantDb with an initial client that runs natively and in the browser.